Overcoming Culture Shock

Nothing really prepared me for China. Not for Pizhou anyway. Americans simply never see the kind of China I am seeing. Alleyways filled with broken brick and feral cats. Apartment buildings with broken or barred windows. Car horns blaring. So much concrete and clothes lines and strung up cables that it’s difficult to find the moon or the sun or even a blue patch of sky. Perhaps I’m being a bit too dramatic. I do like the people. I like them very much. Friendly. And they love taking pictures. Today at a coffee shop, for example, a man turned around and took a picture of me with his phone. He didn’t ask, didn’t make any gestures to ask my permission. He just turned around and took a shot. I loved it. It’s the same when I am taking pictures of them. I don’t really have to ask. I can just turn my camera, aim, and shoot. They might even hold up two fingers or wave. When it comes to photography, the Chinese are my kind of people.


2 thoughts on “Overcoming Culture Shock

  1. Is the man riding a motorcycle? I can’t tell how you get in it. And is he speeding? Love the picture of the store owners. I can tell they enjoy having their picture taken and the produce looks great. What an extraordinary experience…enjoy every minute.

  2. Ryan & Tyna
    I enjoyed the pictures of your apartment and of the people. They seem like a happy people. I know you and Tyna will have super time and will learn alot about the chinese people and their culture. I was at Marilee’s on presidents weekend holiday and had Scout meetings Friday and all day and night on Saturday. I will be going to Tuscon Arizona on March 3-5. This is recognition for achieving selling the most in the council in popcorn sales. It will be fun. I will not be able to talk to you until the following week.
    I know you will love the people and because you have that special talent that draws you to them and draws them to you. I know the Lord will bless the both of you. I love you both very much.

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