Going Walkabout

I went on a walkabout yesterday afternoon. It’s been a while since I took any pictures, and there was an alleyway I wanted to check out, so I took off with the camera and went wandering. It’s amazing, really, how many back alleys and hidden roads there are in this town. It’s almost as if there are two cities in Pizhou – the city seen from the main streets, and the city hidden behind walls and storefronts. In my wandering I also found my way to the Grand Canal and explored the empty shells of a few rusted out boats, one of which appeared to be made out of cement.

I wasn’t gone very long, and I didn’t see very much, but I did come to realize how much I enjoy the back alleys. So much better than the busy noisy crowded streets. It’s quiet in the back. Few people, the occasional dog, no car horns, quiet, private. A nice getaway.


3 thoughts on “Going Walkabout

  1. It’s amazing…graffiti in Chinese…seems a bit odd. Loved the pictures. What kind of dog? It almost looks like a lion. Glad to see you out with the camera. Love the photos…they emit so much emotion. They remind me of a famous artist (forget the name) but he’s famous for paintings that let you take a sneak peek at a moment in ordinary lives but no one is aware that you are looking. I feel like I’ve walked with you in Pizhou but no one noticed. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Ryan. This is the China I have never seen on TV or movies. What I would want to see if I visit. You remind me of D.H. Lawrence living in Oaxaca.

  3. Hi Ryan! I’m a current MFA student at Pacific and Shelley passed on your website here. I love your photography – what a great glimpse into the parts of a city we as outsiders might never see!

    Your narrative is also…lovely. Perhaps not the right word to say to a guy, but it’s the most fitting word I could think of. Being in a foreign country can be so tough and lonely. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

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