Finding the Mundane While Taking Engagement Pictures

Friends of our recently got engaged and wanted me to take some engagement photos.  So we met at Xuanwu Lake and walked around for a while looking for a decent spot of light.  I’m pretty certain I would never make it as a wedding photographer.  I just don’t care much for posed photography, or special event photography.  I prefer the mundane.  So here are a few mundane photos.


These funky looking cars are actually tour buses.  I’m not sure what kind of look they are going for: 1920’s gangster, or old-school hotrod.


This last photo I have to include in spite of it being a little posed.  The papers hanging from the string are basically personal ads for young women.  It’s kind of like internet dating, except it’s live.


2 thoughts on “Finding the Mundane While Taking Engagement Pictures

  1. Hi Ryan — I love your photographs and your minimalist, honest writing. I can’t figure out how to comment or how to see comments. I don’t spend any time whatsoever on blogs so I’m probably just ignorant. I don’t care if you don’t care, but I just wanted you to know that I do read and enjoy your posts. I’ve moved to Port Townsend, WA and have a job at Peninsula College in Port Angeles. I’m a “writing responder” in the Writing Lab, a delightful position to be in. Quite a few of the students are international, and of those, many are from China. cheers, Molly

    • Thanks so much for reading. And thanks for responding. I really wonder sometimes if my mother is the only one who reads my posts. Your job sounds cool. I’d love to hear more about those international students.

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