Visiting a Former Student at Xuanwu Lake

Honey was one of my best students when I worked in Pizhou.  Driven, committed, kind, smart.  Basically everything a teacher wants to find in a student.  Now she has graduated from her school in Pizhou and is attending a school in Nanjing majoring in Chinese.  That doesn’t mean she has given up on English.  She is just getting a higher degree.  She still wants to teach English.  Actually, she is teaching already.  I hadn’t seen her for nearly a year and a half, maybe more.  Her English has improved, and for some reason she seems taller to me now.  But maybe I’ve just gotten shorter.


Nothing like spreading out on a couple rocks to take a quick snooze.  I think the Chinese can make themselves comfortable just about anywhere.


This man is flying a bird kite.  Actually I don’t know the technical term for it.  Basicall it is a tiny kite designed to look like a bird.  They don’t fly very high.  Just high enough to mimic the birds that fly between the trees.  This man has two bird-kites flying in tandem.


That bird thing at the top of the picture isn’t actually a bird.  It’s a kite about the size of your hand.



One thought on “Visiting a Former Student at Xuanwu Lake

  1. So the person taking a nap wasn’t posed for the picture. I guess sleeping on hard beds makes it easier to find a place to sleep anywhere. The bird kites…interesting. I remember you mentioning Honey. Glad you got to reconnect.

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