Black and White

I’ve never been much of a fan of black and white photography.  I find the world too colorful for such a limited vision.  But in light of the recent ruling acquitting George Zimmerman of any wrong doing, I have changed my mind about black and white.  Some things really are that simple.

Fuck politics.  I’m tired of the inundation of perspectives and information and opinions.  Whatever happened to common sense?  Whatever happened to our value of human life?  And why are we so afraid of each other?  Whatever happened to trust?  What happened to kindness and empathy.  Why do we feel the need to have a God command us to “love one another”?  Shouldn’t love come first?  Shouldn’t that be what we feel first?  Why do we time and again find people assuming the worst and acting drastically on that assumption?  Why? Why under all that is sacred and holy about our human condition, why do we slip so easily into violence, why … how is it possible that so many of us feel the necessity to arm ourselves against … what?  Why do we feel safer carrying guns around wherever we go?  Whatever happened to real bravery?  When did passivity become a weakness?  I’m tired of it.  I’m sick.  I’m hurt and confused and angry and I realize that this post is just another one of those opinions I can’t stand to hear anymore.  So read if you dare.  Read if you have the patience.  Or don’t read.  Just please lie down on the bed for a few hours.  Get some sleep.  Dream about something.  And when you wake up, let your first desire be to find a reason to love.



2 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. Thank you. Decisions based on fear or anger lead to an unhealthy place. An informed people with love at their core is centered and balanced and fair. May our country re-evaluate their attitudes and priorities, and take that nap you speak of, to wake up to color its lives with affection, with understanding, with love.

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