Whever my wife and I go out to see the sights, she often makes one or two remarks about how obsessed I am with photographing doorways.  I never really thought about it until she mentioned it.  It’s true.  Doorways, windows, gates, anything that can be opened or closed; I love them.  I am obsessed with them.  So now I’ve consciously started a new theme for myself.  Here are a few of todays “openings”.




The Chinese characters on this machine mean “condom”. This is a condom dispenser, commonly seen on the streets.



4 thoughts on “Openings

  1. Doorways command attention, and they deserve it. Doorways are passages that also symbolize passages. They’re about beginnings and endings. A doorways is about entry and exit, about walling in and walling out. A doorway can be an invitation; it can be a rejection. A doorway can be intensely personal or brutally impersonal. A doorway is about change. A doorway is about time. Photograph more, document more. . . .

    Check out the Roman deity Janus: a god of entrances and exits, looking both directions simultaneously. He gave his name to the month January.

    I don’t recall seeing you use a wide angle. The photograph of three stories is different from most of your work because it’s wide and vertical. Is that a new lens?

    You rock.


    • I bought a wide angle lens just before coming to China. Most of the pictures I have taken in China have been from that lens. Thanks for commenting. I miss such thoughtful intelligent discussion over here – not because the Chinese aren’t intelligent, but because the language is such a barrier.

  2. I especially like the one with what looks like part of a bicycle cart. on a small alleyway. I think it’s 5th from last.

    • Glad you liked it. In about a week or so we are going to buy an electric scooter. Once we have the scooter I plan on taking some trips to places I couldn’t get too on foot or by bus.

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